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 Entarian Union

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PostSubject: Entarian Union   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:53 pm

The Entarian Union is a grouping of planets with a Military Republic style of Government with a defensive-style of mindset. While it's not as large as some of the other powers in the spar it is by no means a pushover. Militarily speaking they are more than likely the third or fourth person on the totem pole. There tactics and strategy have ensured this place among the many powers of the spar. While there culture is centered around the Military the peoples of the Entarian Union more prize the idea of service more than anything else. This is why things the Arts and Music and other such cultural ideas are encourage among it's citizens. They are servicing their communities by enriching Entarian Culture.

Entarian educational doctrine goes beyond the Secondary Education level with two years of basically collage level education in military arts. The first year is spent rounding out a cadets skills sets and then spending the next year getting a feel for their specific chosen MOS. Once there they spend a year or more(Their choice) in perfecting their skills set.

One interesting note is that while slavery is outright banned in the Entarian Union. Indentured servitude is allowed. It is however very highly regulated. A person's earnings towards their servitude are to be agreed upon by a representative of the court as well as a person's contract holder. It is agreed upon how much the person will receive per hour, day, month etc. of work. Once the agreed upon amount has been reached the servitude guy is notified and has acknowledged his completion of contract he is free to basically "walk off" the premises in a figurative and if chosen literal sense. One major piece of regulation is that the contract holder may not charge the contracted party for such basic services as room and board, medical and other such basics of living. Which also happens to include the cost of any security services the contract holder might employ. It is explicit in that the contracted is only responsible for the agree upon amount and no additional fees, interest or other charges may be added to the contracted's debt to be paid. This is keeping in line with the idea of service towards one's community.

Also under this regulation is the fact that each person in the contract must sit down even if it is via holonet conversion with a case worker. Though the preference is this be done in person. All the itemized list of services provided. A list of which is agreed upon with a set price listing upon the completion of the contract. If the Contract Holder wishes to add more services to the list they must sit down with the case worker, the Contracted Party and a force councilors to ensure quality control. The waiting period for these councilors  easily range upwards of six to twelve months because of the limited number of the councilors available at anyone time. It's part of a safety net designed to put as much red tape between the contracted and the contract holder as possible.  Now all this being said there is some protection for the contract holder as well since abuse can happen on both sides of the aisle.


Much like in the Syndicracy, piracy is an anathema to the core beliefs of the EU. Anywhere pirates are found they are offered one and only one chance to surrender. After that the pirates are met with swift, efficient and often times overwhelming force. Piracy is not tolerated within the EU.

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Entarian Union
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